Makayla Logsdon – Student Spotlight

Friendswood High School has great athletic programs with many teams winning District, advancing to playoffs and some even going all the way to State. While this is incredible, there is a group of people helping the players get there that often go unnoticed. Head Athletic Trainer Megan Duncan calls her group of student trainers “the team behind the team,” and leading this team is senior Makayla Logsdon.

Logsdon has been a student trainer for all four years of high school. She originally joined the program simply to get her PE credit, but it turned into so much more for her.

“Once I got in, it became so much more than getting a PE credit and handing out water,” Logsdon said. “We actually help a lot of people with what we do here. I’m glad to help where I can.”

She said soon into joining, she realized the student trainers’ responsibilities were much more substantial than she originally believed.

 “It takes up a lot of time,” Logsdon said. “We are known as the ‘water girls’ and the ‘water guys,’ but we do so much more than that. We help treat athletes, on and off the field.”

Duncan agreed.

“I think people just see the kids standing out there with a water bottle and towel on a Friday night and think it’s more of a servant role,” Duncan said. “But they’re learning about medicine, healthcare, time-management: all the things we need our kids to know.”

Logsdon said she enjoys her role helping the athletes get healthy and back on the field.

“It’s nice to feel needed and wanted,” Logsdon said. “A lot of people who never come into the training room do not realize the extent of what we do, but the people who are in here a lot know we are dedicated and love what we do. Even though it’s stressful, we wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

The best part of it all, according to Logsdon, is forming bonds with unexpected friends.

“It’s cool how something like this can bring together so many different people with so many different backgrounds,” she stated. “My favorite thing is being on the sidelines with the guys because I get to be in the middle of everything and know what’s going on and it’s just really exciting because all the guys are really pumped up because they love what they’re doing.”

Duncan said being on the sidelines and not being in the spotlight is where a lot of the student trainers like to be, and Logsdon is no exception.

“She is what we do. She is quiet, but she’s hard-working,” Duncan said. “We just go out and do our job, but we’re definitely fun – a little bit quirky – so she’s a great representation of our program.”

Despite usually not getting much recognition, Duncan said she believes Logsdon deserves to be praised.

“She deserves this; she deserves a shout out,” Duncan said. “She’s bubbly, she’s happy, she’s positive, and a very responsible young woman.”

Logsdon credits her dad for making her who she is today.

“All throughout my life, he’s told me if I mess up or make a mistake, I need to own it,” she said. “He tells me to be myself, stand up for what I believe in and do what I love. [His advice] has made a big impact on my life.”

Logsdon said she plans on taking her father’s advice with her as she goes off to college in the Fall of 2020. Her school of choice is Brigham Young University where she would like to study either Criminal Psychology or History. In a major turn of events from simply wanting a PE credit her freshman year of high school, Logsdon said she plans on becoming an athletic trainer for the sports teams at the university.