Message from the Transportation Department

Two weeks needed to regulate fall bus routes

To provide bus transportation for students efficiently, the FISD Transportation
Department requests parents allow two weeks of school to be underway to get routes
settled, new routes to become routine and new stops to be fine tuned.
The two week period provides time for bus drivers to determine which students
and which locations will want bus transportation. To do this, some delays are expected.
Campuses are aware of the delays and students will not be counted tardy for their classes.
During the first few days of school, extra time and care is taken to load students at
elementary and intermediate campuses. Those delays are compounded by large amounts
of car traffic around all campuses, resulting in much later than normal afternoon arrival
times for all routes. The schedules will become closer to normal each day that school
“We do appreciate all of our parent’s concern and understanding during the first
two weeks of school. We realize the importance of helping students get to school in a
timely manner but it usually takes two weeks to refine the routes,” Superintendent Trish
Hanks said. “We are asking for parents’ patience in this matter.”
After the first two weeks, parents needing route information can contact the
Transportation Department at 281-482-6025.
The FISD Transportation is under the direction of Director Mike Jones. The
department supports the district’s educational mission by providing safe, orderly,
positive, timely and efficient professional transportation services.
School bus stops have been established to provide safe places for students to load
and unload the bus. To find where the bus will stop and which bus a child will ride, go
to and click on Bus Routes (Transfinder).