NASA Legend

Author, speaker, and international NASA legend, Gene Krantz visited Ann

Defibaugh’s third grade class at Westwood Bales in Friendswood ISD recently. Krantz

discussed space, science and preparing for and rising to challenges.

Eugene Francis “Gene” Kranz is a retired NASA Flight Director and manager.

Kranz served as a Flight Director, the successor to NASA founding Flight Director Chris

Kraft, during the Gemini and Apollo programs, and is best known for his role in directing

the successful Mission Control team efforts to save the crew of Apollo 13, which later

became the subject story of a major motion picture of the same name.

A personal friend of the American astronauts of his time, Kranz remains a

prominent and colorful figure in the history of U.S. manned space exploration.

Kranz has been the subject of movies, documentary films, and books and

periodical articles. Kranz is a recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In a 2010 Space Foundation survey, Kranz was ranked as the #2 most popular

space hero.