New FISD elementary library opens its digital doors to students

Paige Ridout
Executive Director
Friendswood ISD Education Foundation

New FISD elementary library opens its digital doors to students
Friendswood ISD’s Cline Elementary Library re-opened its doors recently to reveal its
new high tech environment. Superintendent Trish Hanks with Cline Principal Barry
Clifford, Media Specialist Shawna Lewis, FISD School Board members, Education
Foundation directors, PTO members, FISD maintenance, volunteers, and community
members all gathered for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“I applaud Mr. Clifford for leading change that needs to take place so our students are
ready for their future. I join him in thanking the FISD school board, Cline PTO and the
Friendswood Education Foundation for their support,” Hanks said.
The words Dream, Explore, Create are hung on the walls to remind all who enter that this
is a place where creativity grows.

“Two years ago our library looked like a traditional elementary school library. It had
some built-in bookshelves along the wall, fixed free standing book shelves in rows, big
round heavy oak tables and chairs. Some of the furniture was in good shape, some older
pieces were not, and the bookshelves had been purchased over time so that there were
three different styles of shelving giving the library a “hodge podge” look,” Clifford said.

Day by day a transformation was made to incorporate the old and the new. The new 3D
printer needed a safe home for everyone to use and the iPads needed to be in a visible
place for Lewis to be able to watch students as they create.

Now a smaller room with glass walls makes up a green screen room holding not just a 3D
printer but the endless imagination of all who enter. A flat panel TV with Apple TV
provides a space to present wirelessly with the iPads, and a green screen for creating

Other additions include a magnetic wall where all kids can display work, create, or
problem solve using a multitude of shapes and forms. A table holds microscopes and
slides connected to a monitor above allowing students to explore and investigate. Slides
“come to life” in some cases and students can see things that the human eye cannot see
without being magnified.

A white board with an interactive projector lets students draw, annotate, or manipulate
the computers assistance.
The tables chosen for the library are multifunctional and can be used as a white board
when needed, a desk for one or when pushed together creating a larger workspace for
many. The attention to detail is very obvious and well thought out by many.
Cline PTO funds, grants provided through the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation,
and countless volunteer hours all contributed to this new and improved area.
Clifford and his staff wanted to take a library that was once almost hidden and recreate it
into a wonderland where imaginations can grow.

The Cline Library’s redesigned space allows endless possibilities to Dream, Explore, & Create.