Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament of Champions

Katelyn Glass

On Thursday, May 16, Friendswood Junior High hosted its 11th annual Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) Tournament of Champions. Prior to the start of the competition, eighth-grade students competed against their peers in their math class until a winner was established in each class. From there, the 22 individual winners from each class advanced to the tournament to compete against “the best of the best.”

MC Mark Mckeever made sure to hype up the crowd while referees Parker Garcia and Wade Rendon did some last-minute studying of the rule book. Each round was single-elimination, best of five until there were only two competitors left in the game. Taking the main-stage, the pressure was on to see who would take home the highly sought-after RPS trophy. Would rock smash scissors? Would scissors cut paper? Would paper cover rock? No one would know until the finalists wiped their brows and readied their choices.

In the battle of all battles, Katelyn “Unbreakable” Glass reigned victorious. Her classmates roared with excitement as her scissors cut her competitor’s paper. With a swift snip, Glass earned the prestigious title, a golden (painted) trophy, a decal she will certainly be putting on her car when she turns 16 and bragging rights. She will also receive her name on a trophy that will be displayed by the bathrooms so that every time a toilet flushes, everyone will remember how Glass flushed out the competition.

Until next year, RPS…