Selfless act of teen helps foster kids in area

The unselfish act of a 16 year old in Friendswood ISD has brought much happiness to children in the Houston area.

Neha Narayan is an incoming Junior at Friendswood High School. She turned 16 in July. Like many families, her parents wanted to celebrate her 16th birthday with a big party inviting both friends and family.

But, Neha was relentless that she did NOT want a celebration which centered around herself. She wanted something different.

A few weeks after the discussion, she forwarded her mother an email from the Community Outreach Director of Trinity Children’s Foundation of America. The email was in response to Neha’s request on suggestions as to how she could help the children in the foster home in the Houston area by obtaining donations instead of birthday presents for herself.

She had on her own written an email requesting the director for information on what items could be donated to the Foundation to help the kids. She had also requested their office contacts saying that she could drop off the donations in their Houston office location.

“The Director was ecstatic and pleased hearing that a 16th year old could be so selfless and had such a big heart. She responded with a sweet thank you email and all requested information,” Neha’s mother, Satya Kolar said.

Neha followed the director’s suggestions of requesting gift cards to stores where teens could shop so that she could help the teens in their care. Neha then asked her parents if she could celebrate her 16th birthday in a way that would help children in the community who needed a hand.

“She said that she was blessed to have everything and wanted to reach out and make a small change in the community if she could. We as parents were happy that she came up with such a generous act. This gesture of Neha’s is not an unusual for the people who know her,” her mom said.

Invitations were mailed and according to her parents, a large turnout of friends and family attended. Neha managed to obtain generous donations in the form of gift cards (value $575). Some guests also donated some gently used clothes.

“The kids had a lot of fun playing board games and such for over 4-6 hours while they also were very generous with their donations to the Foundation. I then took Neha to the Trinity Foundation Office in Houston on Richmond Road two days after the party where she dropped off her donations. The office staff, outreach director and members were so happy about Neha’s generous act of kindness that they posted a sweet thank you note on Facebook and Twitter so as to show what a good example a young teen can be,” Kolar said.

In her selfless act of kindness, Neha made many people happy.

“Neha has not only made her family proud but also her teachers/school/ ISD and friends. Our kids learn what teachers, FISD staff and their peers instill in them because they spend only the waking hours with parents at home but are at school around others most of the time. I would like to sincerely thank FISD for being such a big part of raising Neha. Our schools in FISD make a difference in the life of a child and hopefully she will be a good example for other kids in our ISD and our whole community to follow,” Tolar said.

At FHS, Neha is a symphonic band member and part of the Mighty Mustang Marching Band, playing the flute. She represented FHS at Exxon Mobil State Science and Engineering Fair both in her Freshman and Sophomore year after winning at Houston Science Fair.

She is a member of Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA. This year her team (with Avery Chahl) made it to HOSA Nationals at Disney, Orlando held June 25- 30. Her team won the 6th spot at HOSA Nationals in the Health Education category.

Neha is an avid pianist and loves to volunteer her time helping in the community. “Her focus is to make a change in this world and make it a better place for all of us to live in. This is something I have heard her say since she was about 7 years old,” Tolar said.

This is exactly what she has done for her 16th birthday, making it a better place for kids in the area.

Neha is the daughter of Satya Kolar and Ashish Sharma of Friendswood.