Shattered Dreams brings awareness to Friendswood High School Students

Shattered Dreams, took place April 14-15 at FHS with the opening being an alcohol related mock accident on a side street of the high school campus.
Friendswood Police, EMS, the Fire Department and Jeter’s Funeral Home all worked together to show onlookers, juniors and seniors in high school, how many people are involved in car wrecks and the roles each play. FHS’s Audio/Video Production class plays a major role in the program. The A/V Pro students write the script, direct, film and produce every scene from the hospital, to the courthouse to being there when the police notify the parents.

“For our video students, it is a unique experience to work with community first responders,” said Meredith Wise, A/V Pro teacher. “They learn specifics on what a real scene would look like, what would really happen. Our video students have the opportunity in their project to affect real change and see how a piece of video can change opinions and actions.” The second day involved a mock memorial service and video of what happened leading up to the accident. Despite being a mock scenario Ashley Camarillo, a senior at FHS, and a “victim” of the crash scene, said the emotions are very real. “You have no idea going into this how real it becomes. This has really been tough. My mother thought I was just signing up to be apart of a program for alcohol awareness and it turned into me being pronounced dead at the hospital and my memorial service on the second day,” said Camarillo. “It was difficult for us but not as difficult as it must be for the families that it really happens to.”

Mark and Terri Rodriguez spoke to over 1,000 nearly silent juniors and seniors at the memorial as they educated students about the dangers of underage drinking and the severe consequences of poor choices. The Rodriguez family formed Krysta’s Karing Angels after they lost their 22-year-old daughter, Krysta Rodriquez to a drunk driver. “I will argue with anyone that calls it an accident,” says mom Terri Rodriguez. “An accident is mixing white clothes with dark clothes in the washing machine, not choosing to drink until you are drunk and then getting behind the wheel of a car.” Shattered Dreams is planned by school and community personnel and is held every two years for the juniors and seniors at FHS.

“It was one of the best experiences of my senior year,” said senior, Camarillo. “It’s all worth it if it impacts just one student.”