Student Spotlight – DJ Jacob Garza

Jacob GarzaMark Twain once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Windsong Elementary fourth grader Jacob Garza is a walking billboard of this concept.

For the past two years, Garza has been living out his dream of becoming a professional DJ. His journey first began when his uncle gave him his first DJ mixer – which did not take long for Garza to “burn out” from using it so frequently. From his starter mixer to now a professional DJ mixer, high-quality speakers, lights, a bubble machine and a fog machine, Garza said he feels more confident when he plays for crowds, even at just nine years old.

“It makes me happy people are enjoying what I like. I get a lot of reactions from people asking how I do what I do since I’m so young and that makes me feel good inside,” Garza said. “Age doesn’t matter.”

Before he can remember, Garza has had a love for music – something he said he got from his mom.

“Music is big in our home and we always have music going,” Heather Garza, Jacob’s mother, said. “I love watching him grow daily when he practices and he finally feels accepted.”

Garza said he used to get teased for his love of DJing, but that only motivated him more.

“When I first started, I got a lot of hate because I wasn’t that good, but I just kept practicing and I got better,” Garza said. “It was awesome.”

Working hard to improve is something Garza is all-too familiar with given his struggle with dyslexia. Diagnosed in January, Garza has had to work extra hard in the classroom, but he has not let that discourage him.

“I had read an article about how dyslexic individuals are creative and get into music and arts. I noticed he was so good at music from such a young age and insisted he be tested,” H. Garza said. “Well, sure enough, he is highly dyslexic, but he took that information and was so thrilled to have an answer finally. He is not ashamed or embarrassed and he wants to show other kids dyslexia does not mean you cannot be successful.”

Garza’s language teacher Leslee Morgan agreed with Garza’s mother.

“The fact it’s already been diagnosed and he’s been working on it and he’s overcome it in this other area of his life will give him confidence to keep trying and pursuing his dreams,” Morgan said. “I think the DJing is something he’s good at, it’s a self-esteem booster and it gives him confidence in other areas of his life.”
This confidence has only grown as Garza has continued to increase his bookings at local parties, Clinefest and, recently, the Friendswood Junior High Social. H. Garza said she is overwhelmed with gratitude and pride by the support her son has received.

“My husband Joe and I would like to thank this community for supporting him and his business venture. He is not a professional yet but he will get there,” H. Garza said. “We, as his parents, are so proud of him and hope he never gives up and keeps trying.”

Garza said he does not plan on ever giving up and hopes he can inspire other young people to do the same. To them, he said: “Don’t give up, and if you want to do something, just go ahead and do it. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s just going to get you down, so keep pushing through that. That’s what I did.”

On behalf of Friendswood ISD, we are proud of you DJ Jacob! Keep pursuing your dreams!