Student Spotlight – Luke Revere

Luke Revere

Friendswood High School senior Luke Revere is the modern-day version of Clark Kent / Superman by showing how two very different worlds can collide into one. Revere puts every stereotype to rest when it comes to defining a “classic jock” or a “classic nerd.” Instead of allowing himself to be categorized, Revere pursues his passions with equal ambition.

Revere is the starting running back for the football team, a member of the National Honor Society, a member of student council, founder of the Powerlifting Club, president of the Math and Science Club and a member of the Mu Alpha Theta honor society. An atypical combination, Revere said he makes no apologies for not fitting into a single box, but rather embraces the differences of his involvements.

“Being involved helps me meet new people,” Revere said. “If I only played football, then I’d only know people on the football team, but organizations like Math and Science Club has allowed me to meet new people and learn about what’s going on in the world with different people and different friend groups.”

Of all the clubs with which he is involved, Revere favors the Math and Science Club.

“My biggest passion is helping others; that’s why I like Math and Science Club the most because we get to go to the elementary schools and help the little kids. I really enjoy that,” Revere said.

Once a week, the members of the Math and Science Club go out to various elementary schools across Friendswood ISD and tutor students in need of some extra help.

“Whenever we walk in, all of their heads turn because we’re way bigger than them,” Revere laughed. “We’re a presence there, but the students know we’re not teachers, so they like to have fun with us instead of treating us like an adult or another kid. It makes me feel good because they’re all happy to have us out there helping them.”

Sometimes, the high school students simply spend time with the elementary kids.

“If the school doesn’t have any students that day who need additional help, then our kids will go into the gym and cafeteria and take some cards or dice or counting games, and they go find little kids who are sitting by themselves and they’ll go sit with them and play a game,” Fred Lewis, sponsor of the Math and Science Club, said. “It just adds to the whole community feel we have in Friendswood that you don’t get in other places.”

Lewis has only known Revere for one year but said he can already see he is a shining example of service, humility and leadership.

“[Before our Math and Science Club meeting] he was out in the hallway and anyone who walked by, he was grabbing them and telling them to join our club,” Lewis said. “Those students may have just been going to sit down at the end of the hall by themselves, but instead, he brought them into the room and now they’re with people, not alone.”

Lewis said he believes Revere’s ability to manage the many, significantly differing pieces of his life is impressive.

“He’s very friendly, outgoing and open to everybody. To be the starting running back on the football team and be a senior and be the athletic, cool kid and still connect to the students who are solely math-and-science-minded is awesome,” Lewis said. “It’s tough to balance those two lives, but he does it effortlessly.”

Revere is one FHS student who is making stereotypes go “up, up and away,” and for that, FISD is proud.

Luke Revere scores a touchdown