FISD hosts Juuling and Vaping seminar

Vaping and juuling have been dubbed an ‘epidemic’ across America, and Friendswood is no exception. With assistant principals, primarily at the junior high and high school levels, seeing an increase in confiscations of Juuls and other electronic cigarettes, Friendswood ISD decided to host a seminar at Friendswood High School on Dec. 12 to educate the community on the dangers of … Read More

Student Spotlight – Sam Legendre

Ready, Set, Teach is a two-block class at Friendswood High School that allows high school students to help in elementary school classrooms four days of the week. In those classrooms, the Ready, Set, Teach students aid in working with the students and teachers in an effort to prepare themselves to work in education one day. Amongst these students is senior … Read More

FISD Education Foundation is all about New York this year

FISD Education Foundation is all about New York this year By: Paige Ridout With the FEF Gala theme announced as New York, Friendswood is all a buzz and getting ready for February 16, 2019. There are a few gala tables available if you do not have yours already. Visit the new website: for all the details. On this site, … Read More

Senior Style Show

On Dec. 2, the Friendswood High School Alumni Association hosted the 2018 Winter Wonderland FHS Senior Style Show at the McRee Ford Show Room. The event was held to raise funds for scholarships to be given out to graduating seniors. Approximately 150 people were in attendance. This was the first year the Alumni Association put on this type of event. … Read More

Student Spotlight – Baileigh Burtis

In sports, there is a saying that goes, “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ which is used to symbolize putting the needs of the whole group before the needs of oneself. Friendswood Junior High seventh grader, Baileigh Burtis, takes being a selfless player to a whole new level. Burtis is on the FJH 7A girls basketball team and though her … Read More

FISD Supports Trees For Life

This holiday season, Friendswood ISD has chosen to support an organization close to the hearts of many in the Friendswood community: Trees for Life. Founded by former FISD parent Laurie DeClaire, Trees for Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for pediatric cancer research at the Texas Children’s Cancer Center. DeClaire’s son Patrick was a nine-year-old student at … Read More

Student Spotlight – Soleil Gignac

There have many times throughout history where the “impossible” became “possible.” Some people never believed humans would land on the moon until Neil Armstrong spoke his famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Some people believed robots were a thing of childhood fantasy, but now, robots are being developed that can pick up on … Read More

Student Spotlight – Amanda Archer

Lights, camera, action! Stories come to life through film. Whether it be a dazzled Cinderella dancing the night away with Prince Charming or a badly beaten, bloody Rocky refusing to surrender to Apollo, there is an art to film-making. As an audience, most people only see the story of the actors unfold before them on an over-sized screen with popcorn … Read More

Kimberly Hall wins TASC Advisor of the Year

Kimberly Hall, student council advisor at Friendswood Junior High, has been selected by the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) District 7-13 as the 2018-19 Middle-Level School Advisor of the Year. Hall has been a student council advisor for five years and has guided her council to numerous awards including the Outstanding Student Council and Sweepstakes Awards and National Gold … Read More

FJH 8A football team joins together after a teammate’s injury

When asking a group of people to define the word “brotherhood,” there could be several different responses. Some might answer for there to be a brotherhood, there has to be a blood relation. For some, brotherhood is a religious practice. For others, brotherhood is an unbreakable bond between people who were once strangers, but have shared experiences that connect them. … Read More