Technology Information for Reopening

The 6-12 students will be issued a Chromebook from our classroom carts. They will get the Chromebook, power cord and a case. With current school start-up plans these will be handed out the first day of school for face to face students and we will schedule a time for pickup for the virtual students. We are waiting for the number per campus so we can plan that pick up. If we end up virtual to start out we will notify all 6-12 parents when/where they can pick up the device.

 The k-5 will not be bringing a device home from school but if they do not have a device at home we will do what we can to provide one. It will be an older Chromebook that we have pulled out of circulation. 

If a parent wants to provide a device then any updated laptop, desktop, a tablet that can access the internet will work. I recommend a Chromebook if they are purchasing one for this purpose because it would be the easiest to use. Any Chromebook make will work. We buy Dell and HP in the district but the make does not matter. We also have been recently purchasing a touch screen, especially for the little ones. Parents should be sure to get a Chromebook that is not out of support. They can check the make and model here for support lifespan:

We are still working on a solution for CTE classes that may need specific hardware and software.

Grades 6-12 – If they currently have a district Chromebook at home we will exchange the district loaner for one out of a classroom cart. The plan on when this will happen is dependent on the start of school plans.

Grades K-5 – If they currently have a district Chromebook and will need one in the coming school year they should keep the one they have at home. If they do not need it anymore they can schedule a time to return it to the Annex by emailing [email protected].