Third Graders Teach How To Be A Friend

Three third grade students at Cline Elementary are participating in Destination Imagination. Abby Miller, along with her 3rd grade classmates, Alex Ploeger & Trinity Bosley are competing in the Community Service Meme Event in Katy on February 27. Friendswood ISD has four teams from three schools participating in the program.

The Destination Imagination program encourages teams of learners to have fun, take risks, and focus and frame challenges while incorporating STEM, the arts and service learning. STEM involves projects in Science, Technology and Mathematics.
Participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process.
Teams showcase their solutions at the tournament.
As teams develop solutions to the challenge, the team members will learn interpersonal skills, management skills and learn how to persevere from imagination to innovation.

This group of girls has taken on the challenge of teaching their classmates how to be better friends to each other. The girls noticed how some children don’t always get included and how it can be hard to leave your group of friends to make a new friend.
The girls started by giving out an initial survey to gather information about student’s willingness to make new friends, especially if those new friends were shy and/or new to the school etc. Then, the girls made a video to help teach their peers how to approach others and make new friends. A third grade lunch scramble was held where students were asked to sit by someone they had never met for one lunch period on a specific day. The original survey was given again after the lunch scramble to see if student’s willingness had changed one way or the other. Currently, they are looking at that data and beginning to create a theatrical presentation based on their experience.

“This project has been quite a challenge and these girls have created and executed every bit of it on their own,” parent/sponsor Andrea Miller said. “I just am so proud of their hard work and what they have created.”