TSA advances to State contest in April after Regional awards

Members of the Technology Students of America organization or TSA at FHS recently competed at the regional level of competition and many qualified for State contest.

TSA is a nationwide organization that allows students to create different projects (everything from airplanes to fashion design, and photography to catapults) and compete at the regional, state andnational levels. 

To be a state qualifier, students must submit a project to regionals and the judges must determine a1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award. 

State is April 10-12 inWaco, TX and all state qualifiers are invited to attend. FHS will bring a totalif 33 projects from the Friendswood TSA chapter and about 25 students will makethe journey to Waco, according to sponsor Teresa Sindelar. 

Students from theFriendswood chapter had many creative projects including architectural design,a trebuchet, several photography entries, and many others. Students worked veryhard on all these projects and are very dedicated members of TSA, according toSindelar. 

By the student’s name, if it just says"state qualifier" it means they were the only ones to enter a projectin that category. They automatically go to State, according to Sindelar.

TSA Regional Finalists and State Qualifiers includethe following:

Chris Alexander: Architectural Design – 1st and statequalifier

Chris Alexander, Jessica Rodriguez, Stewart Davis: Derby Car – statequalifier

Trey Bohannon: Photography-Animal Life – 1st and statequalifier

Hannah Bruce: Photography-Montage B/W – state qualifier

Blake Burdick: Woodworking 20’ – 1st and state qualifier

Blake Burdick: Woodworking 30’ – 1st and state qualifier

Ben Burdick: Vehicle Restoration – 1st and state qualifier

Valen Cepak: Manufacturing – state qualifier

Chris Chicocky: Metal Forging – 1st and state qualifier

Matt Frailey: Architectural Design – 1st and state qualifier

Caroline Heins: Communication/Print media – 1st and statequalifier

Katherine Jones: Travel Story photography – 1st and statequalifier

Evan Kelly: Woodworking<2’ – 1st and state qualifier

James Kilborn: Construction/Modeling & Design Residential – statequalifier

Edvard Kraakmo: Catapult – state qualifier

Darci McGee: Communication/Print Media – 1st and statequalifier

Braeden McKee: Catapult – state qualifier

Niko Nishinaka: Construction/Modeling & Design Apartment – 2ndand state qualifier

William Pope: Manufacturing plastics & resin team composite – statequalifier

Courtney Pray: Static display on high way transportation – 1stand state qualifier

Julie Rogers: Photography portrait color – 1st and statequalifier

Julia Rogers: Study Model Residential – 3rd and statequalifier

Charmel Royster: Photography landscape color – 2nd and statequalifier

Charmel Royster: Photography Still life color – 1st and statequalifier

Mercedes Trammell: Recycled metals – 1st and state qualifier

Julia Twyford: Photography animal life color – 2nd and statequalifier

Julia Twyford: Photography close-up color – 1st and statequalifier

Julia Twyford: Architectural Renovation – 2nd and statequalifier

Justin Wilkinson: Communication/Print Media Video game 2D – 1stand state qualifier

Kira Wise: Photography close-up macro color – 1st and statequalifier

Kira Wise: Photography landscape color – 1st and statequalifier

Emily Young: Recycled materials – 1st and state qualifier