Walk for Water added to food sales to give Africa water wells

Thanksgiving doesn’t mean turkey and dressing to Brittany Harris and her family. For 5 years, the holiday holds the magic for giving people in Africa water. Harris fundraises for water wells and she not only uses her holiday kitchen but this year has expanded to an activity a whole family could do.

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A children’s concert and a lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. at her school in Friendswood ISD changed Harris’ life in the second grade.

“I have wanted to change the world in some way. Even though I am small I can do great things,” she told her family and friends. She decided that she wanted to provide a water well to give the people in Africa a second chance at life. This started five years ago and is growing bigger each year.

The desire to help others became Brittany’s Dream. That dream was developed in the Harris kitchen where Harris makes Thanksgiving themed treats that would look amazing on any food magazine cover. From cake balls in the shapes of pilgrim hats and turkeys to pecan, turtle pumpkin, regular pumpkin, apple streusel pie and chocolate pies, all are homemade. There is no set price for the items. You just make donations to the water wells cause in a tax deductible way.

Volunteers are welcome and can sign up on her website at www.brittanysdream.com

All ordered desserts will be ready for pick up in the afternoon on the Wed. before Thanksgiving.

Harris raised over $17,000 last year, and this year her goal is $20,000. To accomplish this, Harris has added a new activity to the fundraiser. She is hosting a Walk for Water.

On Sunday, December 7 at Stevenson Park Harris is asking the community to do a Walk for Water to raise additional funds and awareness in the community about the need for clean water around the world.

“We will walk in the footsteps of the women and children that spend up to three hours a day walking approximately 15 miles to get buckets of dirty water. We will carry buckets of water on our heads and commit to walk anywhere from 1 – 3 miles around the track at Stevenson Park,” Brittany’s mom Mandy Harris said.

There will be small buckets for children to participate.

The money and awareness that is raised will provide clean water wells in remove African villages through Water Wells for Africa.

“It will be an amazing experience as walkers can experience what these people go through every day to get water,” Harris said. “The average person walks three miles to collect one bucket of water and they do this multiple times a day.”

Those participating will receive a free tee shirt at check-in. For as little as $5, one person can have abundant clean water for up to 20 years. If the amount is $500, that can provide water for 100 people.

In a thank you letter Brittany sent to all who gave and/or helped last year, she wrote

It was a lot of work, but at the end I got the best gift of all. It was giving to the people in need. This gift provides joy and comfort to the people in need. I know they will also receive God’s love which is the biggest gift for all people. This experience is great for me and for those in need.

Brittany Harris’ website is brittanysdream.com.

The World Vision link is: www.worldvisiongifts.org and the gift is called a Traditional Water Well for $2600.