Westwood-Bales student places second in Children’s Museum contest

The Young Inventors’ Showcase of Houston encourages the budding inventor in every child by providing a platform for children to share and celebrate their invention ideas.

SEARCH students at Westwood Bales campus participated in the 2013 Young Inventors’ Showcase and Kate Meador placed second in the fourth grade group with her Magnafinder invention.

Four fourth grade students represented Westwood-Bales. They were Kate Meador, Sophia Hammerle, Jordan Matejowsky, and Maggy Jenny.

Throughout the year, children are invited to participate by developing a completely original invention or making improvements to an existing invention. During the city-wide 25th Annual Young Inventors’ Showcaseon May 18, 2013,the very best of these inventions were showcased and judged for their ingenuity and merit. This Showcase took place at the Children’s Museum of Houston highlighting the efforts of Houston-area children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Winners were awarded by grade level and the grand prize winner received the services of a patent attorney to research and request a patent for the invention.

Mueller’s students presented a campus inventor’s showcase and judges from the Children’s Museum attended and judged the work. Then students were invited to participate with the museum at its big event.
The museum is located at 1500 Binz St. in Houston.