What is USIN? (for employees)

Beginning Sept. 1, 2017, TRS-ActiveCare participants will have a new advanced imaging benefit option with access to the USIN advanced imaging network for MRI, CT and PET scans. With over 2,200 facilities throughout the country and over 180 in Texas alone, USIN offers access to certified providers, a concierge scheduling program, and often significant out-of-pocket cost savings on your advanced imaging services.

What are My Potential Out-of-Pocket Savings?
On the next page are some examples of potential participant out-of-pocket savings when using the USIN benefit. The first compares the participant’s average statewide USIN cost to the average in-hospital cost, and the others compare the participant’s costs in two selected submarkets – one a sample large market (Dallas) the other a sample smaller market (El Paso). Similar savings are available throughout the USIN network of certified facilities.

What Do I Do?
If your doctor determines you need an advanced image, as always, your doctor should call for pre-authorization.

Once your advanced image has been pre-authorized, if a USIN facility is available, the USIN concierge desk will call you directly, describe your options, and help arrange your appointment. Simple as that!

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