The Friendswood High School Wranglerettes enjoyed a bit of the national

spotlight as they spent their holiday performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day

Parade. The national winning dance group have worked hard during the fall

preparing for the trip.

While in New York the team also performed in Rockefeller Plaza on the

Today show, and participated with Broadway stars in the Parade’s opener.

It was a whirlwind week full of rehearsals and very little sleep. By

Thanksgiving morning the girls were up by 2 a.m. and boarded the bus at 4 a.m. It

was in the 30s and snowing during the rehearsal and filming for the opener.

After marching three miles in the parade, the team performed in front of the

iconic Macy’s department store on 34th Street.

One of the Wranglerettes said, “that was the coolest thing I have ever done!”

“This was such an unforgettable experience,” Director Ashley Marmaro said, “to see

the girls light up after each performance and rehearsal was heart warming, going

down the street knowing that millions of people were watching was crazy!”

The team’s emotions were shared by family members, including

Wranglerette dad, Steve Hever.

“I hope the girls will look back and remember this moment with pride and

joy as they will always be the first Wranglerette Line to participate in the Macy’s

Thanksgiving Day Parade and that’s something special!” he said.

After the parade, the team shared Thanksgiving dinner with a cruise on the

Hudson River which included views of the NYC skyline, the Freedom Tower and

Statue of Liberty.

While in NYC, the team was humbled to receive so many supportive

messages and well wishes from FHS teachers, cheerleaders, students, local youth

groups, other area drill teams and Wranglerette Alumni.

“I am definitely the proudest Alum,” said assistant director, and Wranglerette

Alum, Alyssa Falcone, “to see my team recognized at such a high level was an out of

body experience!”

Senior Wranglerettes who participated included Madison Brown, Melissa

Crowder, Madison Hever, Madison Lucas, Annica Marcuccio, Sarah Salibo, Allie

Thompson, Amelia Langhart, Connie Roberts, and Cassidy Weeks.

Junior dancers included Kendall Barber, Lizzie Clements, Patricia Cotter,

Ashlyn Crenek, Tanna Deckard, Nadia Enriquez, Amber Hurd, Rachael Lange,

Madi Leslie, Hannah Lott, Zozzie Lucas, Beth Mendenhall, Natalie Rubenak,

Madison Sansom, Haley Sheridan, Keirsten White, and Emily Young.

Sophomores in New York were Stephanie Brown, Valerie Dobard, Bella

Leggio, Isabelle Naylor, Claire Owens, Lauren Podlewski, Stephanie Reynolds,

Brooke Sims, and Haley Weger.