Fill a Bucket

Lyrics by Barbara Gruener
(sung to the tune of Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping?)

Inspired by the song in the front of Carol McCloud’s Fill A Bucket book, these lyrics will reinforce your Bucket-Filling efforts. After reading Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, why not sing with your little Bucketfillers. For ease of learning, start it as an echo song; you sing the first part of the line and have students repeat you. When they’re ready, you can put it all together and sing it in unison. Finally, challenge your students to write another verse!

Fill a bucket, fill a bucket.
It’s easy to do. It’s easy to do.
I can fill a bucket, I can fill a bucket.
So can you! So can you!

Fill a bucket, fill a bucket.
Smile and say “hi,” smile and say “hi!”
You can fill a bucket, you can fill a bucket.
Give it a try. Give it a try.

Fill a bucket, fill a bucket,
Do a good deed. Do a good deed.
I can fill a bucket, I can fill a bucket
(when I) help someone in need, help someone in need.

Fill a bucket, fill a bucket
with your family, with your family.
We can all fill buckets, we can all fill buckets.
Yes siree! Yes siree!