Denise L. Ruiz

Denise L. Ruiz was elected to fulfill the unexpired term of position 2 in 2018.  The term will end in November 2020. Ruiz originally served one term as a board member in Position 7 from 2006-2010.  

Denise shares why she joined the board: I believe strong leadership is critical for ensuring safety and the high performance of our students. Every student and staff member deserves a safe learning and working environment. As a board, we continually review all safety initiatives and mandate their implementations. My previous experience will serve our students and employees well in assuring a safe and effective learning environment.  My knowledge of the intricacies of school finances are paramount. Advocacy with state legislators to provide adequate funding for our District is critical. The daily school operations, the ability to hire and retain the best staff as well as equipping them with state of the art technology are components of our success.  I am proud to serve with others who understand the importance of a forward vision for our students and I look forward to continuing to work with the board on these areas.

Ruiz and her husband have three sons Luis, Michael and Matthew.

To contact Denise Ruiz:  [email protected]