FHS Stadium Scoreboard

To purchase an ad space, Bring the signed contract (download below) to the District Office at 302 Laurel.



• 4 – Available

• Permanent Logo on 4’4.5” x 8’6” internally illuminated panel (permanently displayed)

• Minimum one 30 second video board commercial shown at home football games(production not included)

• Videoboard acknowledgement of all Platinum Sponsors.

• One P.A. announcement thanking sponsors at each regular season home event

•Banner displayed in football stadium

• $10,000 per year -minimum 5 year contract, $45,000 for 5 year contract if paid in full

PLATINUM Sponsonship Contract


Rotating Logo

• 8 – Available

• 2 Panels: Each 4’2″ x 16′ panel will electronically generate logo or name. There will be 4 advertisers on each panel scrolling continuously when board is in operation.

• Videoboard acknowledgement of all Gold Level Sponsors

• $5,000 per year- minimum 5 year contract / $22,500 for 5 year contract if paid in full

GOLD Sponsorship Contract


1. Where will the scoreboard be placed at the stadium? The scoreboard will be placed on the same end that it is now for those of you who have been to the stadium. It will be centered at the water tower end of the stadium.

2. May we select what placement we want? When a completed contract is presented, you will select from any of the spots that have not been taken. Remember first come first served!

3. Can I do a contract term less than 5 years? No, all contracts will be for 5 years.

4. Which ads can be seen when the board is turned off? Spaces 1 -4 is permanently fixed.

Spectrum will take the artwork submitted and print the logo onto the high density plastic. They will be seen at all times.

5. Do all rentals use the scoreboard? The scoreboard is an option at a cost to those renting the stadium. When the scoreboard is selected as a part of the rental, the electronic ads will be running.

6. If a rental uses the board to keep score, will the rotating ads be on also? Yes

7. At the end of five years, will the company who has the ad get the right of refusal? Yes, a current company will have first option to renew for additional five years.

8. Do we have to provide the banners? The District will supply the banner. The company will need to supply the artwork or logo for the banner. Banner size has yet to be determined, but the banner will be viewable from the stands.

9. If I call prior to April 27, 2015, can I get an ad by making a commitment at that time? No, we will be happy to answer questions, but contracts will be accepted beginning at 8:00 a.m. on April 27, 2015 on a first come first serve basis.

10. After I turn in my contract, how will I know if I am getting the ad I want? You will be contacted if you drop off the contract about the location you wish to have. Likely, the day you deliver the contract, someone will be here to countersign the contract and register the location you wish to have.

11. The top sponsor has received newspaper and electronic recognition. Will the Platinum and Gold sponsors also receive publicity? Both levels will receive recognition on the board in a text-generated sign created by the District thanking both the Platinum and Gold Sponsors at all events when the video board is being used. Also, the announcer at the football games will make a verbal thank you over the stadium public address system thanking both levels for sponsoring the scoreboard. Additional newspaper and electronic recognition has yet to be determined by the District.

12. When is the scoreboard scheduled to be ready in the stadium? The substantial completion of the scoreboard is currently scheduled for mid-July.

13. If we have a problem downloading the contract, will there be some copies for pick up at the Administration Building? Yes, simply District office and leave the address or email address where the contract needs to be sent. Be sure to specify which level you are selecting.

14. Will contracts be accepted after April 27? Yes, contract will be accepted until all advertising spots are full.