Students raise $1700 to fund competition costs

danCTE News, Organization News

MCS students compete each year in videography and related topics. To help them pay travel and competition expenses, the second MCS Streamathon was held Nov. 30 at Friendswood High School.

Guitar solos, cheers, high kicks, beat-boxing and livestock all made their appearance on screen at the Streamathon FHS Students streamed six hours of live programming telethon-style featuring clubs and activities such as FFA, Wranglerettes, Cheer, Cross Country and Recycling Club.

In this cross promotion event students were able to raise $1700 in pledges while gaining valuable experience interviewing guests, programming a long format show and speaking on air without a script.

MCS is part of the FHS audio video production department and used a host of technologies to make the Streamathon possible, including streaming provider USEducationTV, according to teacher Meredith Wise.

The goal of the event is to raise money for MCS as the students travel to video competitions.  In an effort to widen the viewing audience and support network, MCS promised to split all the money raised with the club that brings in the most pledges.

“This promise created a friendly competition among the visiting clubs as they encourage their supporters to pledge to the cause.   Several clubs rose to the challenge, pushing our total pledged dollars through the roof!” Wise said.

The first Streamathon was put on screen last March by MCS.