“Turning Grey Skies To Blue”

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BalloonsAlex Rudd will be flying to London to receive a Beacons of Hope Award from the Lymphoma Association in the UK.

Alex has a friend, Nils, in his grade at his old school (Singapore American School) who was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year and he wrote a song for him “Turning Grey Skies to Blue,” to help him through his treatment, and to raise money for Lymphoma charities in the USA, UK and Singapore. His song is now on iTunes and he made a video to spread the word about lymphoma and other blood cancers.

A few months ago, Caroline Clarke, Special Education Inclusion aide at Cline Elementary nominated him for a Beacons of Hope Award that the Lymphoma Association give out to people who have shown great strength, or support, or have raised awareness of lymphoma in unique and creative ways. Alex has been selected to receive one of this year’s 25 awards. As the flights are so expensive, and school has only just started, and he had Wizard of Oz rehearsal commitments, Alex believed that there was no way he would be able to go himself. However, we have worked it all out, and he will be flying out to London next Tuesday evening.

You can see Alex’s video of “Turning Grey Skies To Blue” for Nils here:

If you would like to make a donation to the Lymphoma Research Foundation in the USA this is the link: