Friendswood High School Musical celebrates its 46 Annual Musical performance

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Saturday,  March 1 the Friendswood High School Musical celebrated its 46 Annual Musical with the performance of 42nd Street with its annual Senior Recognition Night.

Recognizing FHS Musical Parents:
Before Seniors were recognized the Directors began by recognizing the Musical Parent Volunteer Committees:
• The Committee for Publicity was head by Cris McKee.  The Set Committee headed by:  Jimmy Goodman, Peter Clarke, Caroline Clarke, Andrew Wooten, Mike Beckman, Mike Hodge, Craig Zoch, Bruce Conger, Eric Perry, Bruce Wright. Evelyn trenchard, Lynn Vernon.
• The Costume Committee headed by Gayle Plackemeier and Amy Tones assisted by Bechy Yawn, Barsa Harclerode, Tammy Allison, Joan Wrobeleski, Cris McKee, Ann Archer, Susie Henry, Melinda Krusleski, Dani Hodge, Tierni Sager and Barbara O’Neil.
• The Security/House Committee for Security of Scott Holtje, Russ McKee, Leeann Rambin, Bobby Senter, Steve Bowen, Pete Clarke, Chris Borne, John Landers, Michael Weeks, Craig Zoch, Mike Hodge, Michael Beckman, Troy Lucas, Matt Robinson, Jim Kutz, John Allison, Forrest Williams, Lawrence Rhew, Bill Baker, Christopher Dean, Michelle Mc Mormick, ron Plackemeier, Garth McHenry, Kevin Tones, Stan Culver and Robert McAdams.
• The Parent House Committee was headed by Cindy Goodwin and Stacey Weeks.  The Concession and Catering Committee was headed by Roseanna Drake and Susan Piotrowski, Bruce Conger, Reata Baker, Tammy Allison, Bill Baker, Carol Chew, Caroline Clarke, Amy Elguezable, Sue Froneberger, Mandy Goodwin, Curtis Henderson, Tracie Henderson, Dani Hodge, Mike Hodge, Sandra Hughes, Kathy Melis, Crissy Parks, Susie Pioterek, Holli Podlewski, Laura Rachita, Benette Rowley, Amy Tones, Lisa Wooten and Joan Wrobewski.
• The Sunday Cast Party Committee was Headed up by Gayle Plackememier, Cris McKee, Roseanna Drake, Kimberly Culver, Susie Pioterek, Carol Chew, Barsa Harclerode and Janet Perry.

The following seniors were recognized for 4 years participation:  Troy Beckman, Max Bowen, Julia Conger, Marissa Froneberger, Tatum Garvin, Lane Griffon, Regan Hughes, Samantha McHenry, Austin Melis, Jenny Plackemeier and Julia Robinson.
The following seniors were recognized for 3 years participation: Chris Collins, Dylan Dickens, Uyen Hoang, Kevin Hodge.
The following seniors were recognized for 2 years participation: Briann Brannon, Sarah Cragin, Noelle Kutz, Sarah McAdams and Nathaniel Williams.
The following seniors were recognized for Dawson Guerrettaz, Maegan Mohr and Cassie Pierce.
The following crew student was recognized for four years: Rachel Wright.
The following crew students were recognized for three years service: Trey Hamby  and Emily McMahon.
The following crew students were recognized for two years service: Shae Blehm, Daira Braylely, Samantha Brown, Jalan Foster, Mitchell Mills, Michael Otto and Karen Wade.  The following crew students were recognized for one year service on crew:  Sarah Chew, Kayla Davis, Michael Presley, Edvard Kraakmo and Ayman Youssef.
The following  Pit Band seniors were recognized:  James Antal, Taylor  Stump, Michael Hsu, Marissa Burger, Mathias Bendixell, Austin de la Rua and Chris Neagu.

The FHS 2014 Musical Scholarship  Award Recipients.

Bette Hopper Scholarship
Max Bowen

Eunice Kennedy Scholarship
Samantha McHenry

Gailya Harris Scholarship (2)
Troy Beckman
Jenny Plackemeier

Best Supporting Actor
Dylan Dickens

Best Supporting Actress
Julia Conger

Kirkwood Family Scholarship – Male
Austin Melis

Kirkwood Family Scholarship – Female
Emily McMahon

Trombatore Family Scholarship
Mitchell Mills

Straughn Scholarship
Marissa Froneberger

Piano Lady Pit Band Scholarship
Taylor Stump

McLean Scholarship
Trey Hamby

Director’s Choice (2)
Regan Hughes
Michael Otto

Everett Scholarship
Julia Robinson