TSA State Results

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The following students placed at the TSA State competition:

Name/Full Group Project Description Place 
1 Ben Burdick Vehicle Restoration 1st
2 Cedy Trammell Recycled Materials 1st
3 Chris Chicosky, Mark Kilgore Metal Forging 1st
4 Courtney Pray Highway Transportation 1st
5 Michael Presley, Stuart Davis, James Kilborn, Jack Kenney, Mathew Ngyuen Vehicle Restoration 1st
6 William Pope, Zaccory Stafford, Andrew Adcox Composite 1st
7 Blake Burdick Woodworking – under 30 board ft 2nd
8 Emily Young Materials manufacturing – recycled 2nd
9 Julie Rogers Residential Model – single 2nd
10 Justin Wilkinson 2D Video Game Design 2nd
11 Niko Nishinaka, Bobby Flores, Lakshay Bhagat, Mitchell Ford Architectural Model 2nd
12 Trey Bohannon Photography Category 2nd
13 Valen Cepak Materials manufacturing – PVC 2nd
14 Blake Burdick Woodworking – under 20 board ft 3rd
15 Matt Frailey, Andrew Holcomb, Ethan Heins Residential Multi-story CADD 3rd
16 Hannah Bruce Montage Multiple Photo – Mix 4th
17 Julia Twyford Photography – Animal Life 4th
18 Katherine Jones Travel Photo Essay – Color 4th
19 Caroline Heins Desktop Publishing 5th
20 Chris Alexander, Connor Foster, Jessica Rodriquez, Stuart Davis Downhill challenge – lab built 5th
21 Darci McGee Print media – thematic portfolio 5th
22 Edvard Kraakmo, Michael Presley, Stuart Davis, James Kilborn Trebuchet 5th

Teresa Sindelar, TSA Sponsor