Awards presented at FHS Choir banquet

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The FHS Choir Banquet, held on Tuesday, May 27 at the South Shore Harbor Country Club, recognized outstanding accomplishments by students in the program throughout the school year.

The National School Choral Award for students most dedicated to the choral program was presented to Julia Conger and Austin Melis.  This student-selected award also considers qualities of leadership, musicianship and participation.

The TMEA Music Scholar Award was presented to:   Shelby Allison, Gina Baker, Anne Balderrama, Kyle Beaman, Brian Chew, Mackenzie Henderson, Kirsten Hill, Regan Hughes, Leila Johnson, Connor Krusleski, Noelle Kutz, Annica Marcuccio, Skylar McHenry, Nita Ortiz, Elisa Rodriguez, Brie Sharp, Chelsea Sheehan, and Josh Thomas.

Achievement Awards were given to the following:
Vocal Ensemble – Mackenzie Henderson
Campus Singers – Josh Thomas
Concert Men – Bobby McDonald
Varsity Women –  Shelby Rich
Treble Choir –  Summer Bockart

Leadership Awards were presented to the following:
Vocal Ensemble – Kirsten Hill
Campus Singers – Kyle Beaman
Concert Men – Max Bowen
Varsity Women – Camille Hamilton
Treble Choir – Katie Sharp

Regan Hughes and Leila Johnson were awarded Service Awards.

The Most Outstanding students, determined by individual achievement over the year, are:
Freshman – Ally Eckhart, Hannah Holt, Marina Meche and Alex Rudd
Sophomore – Gina Baker
Junior – Shelby Allison
Senior – Noelle Kutz