Wranglerette Officer Camp Results

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Drill-Officer-Camp-2014The Wranglerette Dance and Social officers attended Crowd Pleasers Officer Camp in downtown Houston June 7-10th. In addition to learning some amazing leadership and dance skills, the dance officers competed against 45 other schools in the greater Houston area. 

On the second day of camp, the dance officers were voted as the “Most Admired ” dance officer line and the social officers were given the “Leading Full Circle” award.
The dance officers performed their officer lyrical routine for evaluation and received the following awards: Home Routine superior performance award, Outstanding showmanship, outstanding choreography, outstanding technique, most outstanding performance of the night.

Overall, the social officers were awarded “Overall Outstanding Achievement.”
The dance officers competed in the gold division in which they were evaluated on leadership, their choreography project, a chosen routine and camp dance. In this category, the W-gal dance officers received the Elite circle award. Overall, the girls tied for 1st place out of 45 teams!
Ashley Marmaro is drill team director.