Academic Decathlon at FHS in first 6A regional meet

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TexasAcademicDecathlonFriendswood High School Academic Decathlon team participated in their first large school regional competition recently at Dickinson High School. Due to the new 6A designation, FHS AD no longer competes as a medium sized school but is now competing against large 6A schools.

After the state results were posted, the FHS AD team found out they made the second highest score in the state in the 6A competition behind Pearland High School whose team posted the highest in the state.

This is a major accomplishment for FHS with the team posting a score of 48,863 points.

“This score is the highest regional score FHS has ever posted in its history,” Coach Renae Simons said. “Our team posted the highest math scores in the state. We appreciate the many teachers and administrators who have worked with the team in speech and interview.”

The students won 36 individual medals and placed second in Super Quiz and the Regional competition. All members of the FHS team won one or more medals.

In the Honors Division, Julia Lu won fifth overall, first places in Speech and Music, second in Interview and third place in Art and Math.

Joseph Rasmussen won third place in Math.

Dana Royall won third place in Music.

AD-Regionals-2015In the Scholastic Division, Jonathan Snowden won first place overall, first place in Science and Math, second in Speech, Social Science, and Essay and third place in Language and Literature.

Brooks Pettit won fourth place overall and first place in Language and Literature, second place in Economics, and third place in Art, Social Science, Math and Music.

Ray Monahan won fifth place overall. He won first place in Interview, second place in Social Science, Economics, and Math, and third place in Music.

In the Varsity Division, Kaylee Kocurek won third place in Language and Literature, Math and Music and fourth place overall.

Ramiro Garcia won first place in Math, second place in Science and third place overall and in Economics.

Bryce Ghiselin won first place in Speech.

Coaches are Simons, Arden Zimmerman and Ashley Birmingham