Region 17 Band Audition Results

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The FHS Band recently competed in the Region 17 All-Band Auditions. At this competition, students can earn District, Region, and Area honors. We had 11 students selected for Area honors, the highest honor, and they will audition for the Texas-All State Band on January 9.

Earning All-District Band Honors were: Emily Young on Flute; Kira Porter, Allie Hansen on Oboe;  Faatima Ovais, Kyle Jones, Daniel Nagle on Bassoon; Sydney Schmutz on Bass Clarinet; Sarah McCullough on Alto Sax; Nate Johnson on Bari Sax; Cameron Miller, Kelly Cohorst on Trumpet; Sebastian Gonzalez, Nolan King, Zach Kunkel on Trombone; and Trevor Patterson, Tyson Penrose on Bass Trombone.

Earning All-District and All-Region Honors were: Jenna Hetsko on Piccolo; Mercedes Trammell, Claire Zehentner on Flute; Helena Haas on Oboe; Amanda Froneberger, Sarah Palmer on Bassoon; Sophie Rudd on Eb Clarinet; Emily Ulsh, Hannah Schroeder, Madelynn Mills, Price Moran, Alex Walker on Bb Clarinet; Devon Carter, Priya Juarez on Bass Clarinet; Rachel Confair on Contra-Bass Clarinet; MK Donovan, Mitchell Hsu on Alto Sax; Victor Liaw, Amelia Anderson, Alex Mata, Joshua Gruener on French Horn; Devon Chao, Sam Mills, Kayla McGuinness on Trombone; Thomas Cao on Bass Trombone; Kevin Lu, James Dirks on Euphonium; and Andrew Pruitt, Austin Pitts, Allie Arribe on Tuba.

Earning All-District, All-Region, and All-Area Honors and going to tryout for State are: Julian Falco, Mia Purdom on Flute; Caroline Donovan on English Horn; Selina Vickery, Andrew Morgan on Bb Clarinet; Daniel Isaac on Tenor Sax; Megan Wade, Tyler Bandini, Matt Ryan on Trumpet; Gabbi Rodriguez on French Horn; and Shane McCormack on Tuba.

First Alternates to Area are: Jenna Hetsko on Piccolo; Amanda Froneberger on Bassoon; Sophie Rudd on Eb Clarinet; Rachel Confair on Contra-Bass Clarinet; and MK Donovan on Alto Sax.

Congratulations to these outstanding musicians!

Gregory Dick, Aaron Brown, Julio Sanchez, FHS Band Directors