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EXPLORE UT is Saturday, March 5th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Explore UT, the big open house held every year at the University of Texas at Austin, invites K-12 students, teachers and families to come for a day of learning and fun. The event is free, and there’s no registration of individuals or groups in activities. You just go to the activities of your choice.
Family Outing
Families may come on their own to take part in more than 380 activities, including visiting laboratories, museums and libraries.

Field Trip
Many schools bring students to Explore UT on a field trip. Schools are responsible for arranging transportation to and from Explore UT, either through your district transportation office or a charter bus company.  Once you have arranged for a bus, we ask that you register it on the Explore UT website, https://exploreut.utexas.edu, so that we can plan parking and send you updated information.

New website design
While the Explore UT URL is the same as in previous years, the website has been redesigned. To aid in finding your way, please note the following:
–          To register your bus: Click on “Getting to Campus,” then “Buses and Shuttles,” and then “Bus Registration Form.”
–          To arrange group lunch in a University dining hall, click on “Resources,” then “Eating on Campus,” then “Group Lunch.”
–          To plan your day, click on “Schedule.”  On the schedule planning tool, you can click “Apply” to see the entire schedule of 383 activities listed in alphabetical order.  Or you can choose a schedule category, such as “Realms of Discovery” to see activities in Arts Adventures, Engineering Expeditions, or Science Safari, for example. Or choose an age group in “Targeted Audience.” Be sure to click on “Apply” to see the list of activities in your chosen category.

New activities
You’ll recognize familiar activities from previous years, but you’ll also see some new ones this year, such as:
–          Three activities featuring the new Dell Medical School, which will begin accepting students for the Fall 2016 class. Take a virtual tour, for example, in “Building a Medical School for the Future,” at 2 pm in the Pharmacy Building.
–          “Physics Circus,” an introduction to heat, motion, electricity, and other principles offered at 11, 12, 1 and 2 in Robert A. Welch Hall.
–          “Discovering the Dangers of a Concussion”  – drop in between 11 and 2:40 and talk to University students in athletic training.
–          “Create a Love of Learning Mural” – from 11 to 2:40 pm in the George Sanchez Building.
–          The UT Mariachi Ensemble – performance at 12 noon at the Performing Arts Center

Amazing technology
–          Visit the Texas Advanced Computing Center, which designs and operates some of the world’s most powerful computing resources, in “Explore TACC’s High-Tech Playground for all Ages,” at 11, 12, 1 and 2 pm in the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Building.
–          Tour a virtual reality laboratory in “Inside the Vis Lab,” anytime between 11 and 4:40 in the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Building.
–          Learn more about 3D printing in “The Laboratory for Freeform Fabrication: 3D Printing,” open between 11 and 4:40 in the lobby of the Engineering Teaching Center.
–          Watch robots interact with people anytime between 11 and 4:40 in the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Building.

Full details about the event appear on the Explore UT website. By mid-February, a PDF file of the entire schedule can be downloaded and printed, just like the 36-page program you’ll receive when you arrive on campus.