FHS Musical Awards 14 Scholarships

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Saturday night February 6, 2016 the 48th Annual Friendswood High School Musical awarded 14 to scholarships to senior:  Cast, Technical Crew and Pit Band.

FHS Musical Scholarships come from local patrons of the arts.  Some are former directors.  The Gayla Harris Scholarship for example was established in honor  of the wife and mother of the Harris family who was a musical patron.  Dr. Kennedy established a musical scholarship in her mother’s name and Director Kathy Powdrell established a technical scholarship in honor of her parents, The Trombatores.  Other scholarships come from Jane Ann Quevedo in honor of her mother and many former parents established scholarships in their families names.  The scholarships fund in the fall of 2016 upon receipt of a college enrollment fee slip.  Dr. Kennedy always wanted to make sure they went to pay for higher education.

FHS Musical students who applied for scholarships and met requirements of specific Scholarship Patrons were considered.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to recognize 14 students in this way.  Process and Product are a very important part of the FHS Musical tradition of excellence but the Scholarships are a lasting legacy and a further investments in our FHS Musical Cast, Technical Crew and Pit Band.”  Kathy Powdrell

14 Senior students from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast were awarded the 2016 Musical Scholarships:


  1. Eunice Kennedy Scholarship  for Outstanding performance in this year’s musical:,Bodie Lowe
  2. Bette Hopper Scholarship : Oldest Musical scholarship for Outstanding performance in this year’s musical: Connor Henry
  3. Gailya Harris Scholarship Senior scholarship for Outstanding performance in this year’s musical: Connor Kruzleski and Madeline Rhew
  4. Best Supporting Actor: Brian Chew
  5. Best Supporting Actress: Jordan Elguezebel
  6. Piano Lady Pit Band Scholarship: Tyler Bandini
  7. Kirkwood Family Scholarship – Male: Nathan Drake
  8. Kirkwood Family Scholarship – Female: Summer Bockart
  9. Straughn Scholarship: Gina Baker
  10. McLean Scholarship Thechnical Excellence: Meghan Perry
  11. Trombatore Family Scholarship Outstanding Technical performance in this year’s musical: Sarah Jacobson
  12. Director’s Choice (2): Noelle Zoch and Jordan Foster
  13. Everett Scholarship: Any senior cast, crew, pit who demonstrates Espirit De Corps.: Clint Goodwin
  14. Howison Technical Lighting:   2 or more years in the work of stage lighting: Brian Cianciolo