College Readiness Boot Camp

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FISD Community Education another session of this class coming up on April 5.

College Readiness Boot Camp – A CR 01            T         6:30-7:30 pm              2/2-3/29           $90
College Readiness Boot Camp – B CR 02            T         7:30-8:30 pm              2/2-3/29           $90
College Readiness Boot Camp – C CR 03           T          6:30-7:30 pm              4/5-5/24           $90
College Readiness Boot Camp – D    CR 04         T         7:30-8:30 pm              4/5-5/24           $90

Dr. K. Bryant – This class is for Juniors and Seniors only – Applying and completing a college application involves focus and great detail. In the College Readiness Boot Camp students will engage in a variety of topics that will benefit any student planning on pursuing a higher education degree.  This program will address: college applications, study skills, financial literacy, managing stress, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, multiple intelligences, time management, test taking guidance and tips from a professor to potential college students.  Our goal is to prepare students for college success and readiness by assisting them to Aim For Their Target!