Culinary students get hands-on training

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Culinary students recently learned how to cut food properly in the kitchen. They received several days of hands-on training and had to demonstrate an assortment of cutting skills such as the large dice, medium dice, small dice, batonnet, brunoise, julienne, fine brunoise, and fine julienne.
Student pictured – Jayden Aune

There are 5 sauces every cook should know. Students the 5 “mother sauces” and practiced making Bechamel and Tomato Sauce from scratch.
Student pictured Anna Stevens

The Friendswood Fire Department educated the FHS Culinary Arts students about fire safety in the kitchen. They explained the different types of fires most frequently found in a kitchen and the extinguishers used to put them out.
The firefighters set up a safe, controlled fire for students to practice putting out.