Academic Decathlon practice results

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AD traveled with 22 kids to a practice Meet at Morton Ranch HS on Saturday, October 15.

Twenty of the 22 are novices and they got to experience a great match up with state level teams. We came in fifth place overall. Katy Taylor HS won the meet with 8 of the 9 team members from their last year’s team.

AD Coaches: Renae Simons, Elizabeth Woodley, and Fred Lewis

Honors Division
Hannah Xia 4th overall

Oliver Olson 3rd place
Hannah Xia 3rd place
Ben Parker 4th place

Audrey Isaak 2nd
Hannah Xia 5th
Kyle Flick 5th
Jared Janak 5th
Daniel Devoll 5th
Joachim Bendixen 5th

Hannah Xia 3rd
Mitchel Santo 5th
Joachim Bendixen 5th


Daniel Devoll 2nd
Hannah Xia 3rd
Jade Peters 5th
Jaden Walker 5th

Language and Literature
Hannah Xia 5th

Hannah Xia 2nd
Daniel Devoll 2nd
Jade Peters 2nd
Audrey Isaak 3rd
Jaden Walker 4th

Social Science
Jaden Walker 1st
Kyle Flick 2nd
Hannah Xia 4th
Daniel Devoll 4th
Brianne Wharton 5th