FHS Hometown Heroes visit Westwood & Bales

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Role models from Friendswood High School too numerous to count made a stop at Bales Intermediate and Westwood Elementary bright and early Wednesday morning, October 26 to help kick-off the 16th annual Character Counts and Red Ribbon Week celebration.

The early birds greeted over 1,000 students with high fives, signed autographs, posed for “selfies”, and gave out stickers to reinforce the day’s theme: Paint the World Blue, Drug-Free!

The pep rally began with the pledges and a moment of silence, followed by character cheers, led by the Mighty Mustang Varsity Cheerleaders.

A pep band played a spirited rendition of the FHS Fight Song before PALS, Kelly Colwell, and Nico Monroig took the mic to have a character chat with Friendswood’s future Heroes- cheerleaders, athletes, musicians, and PALs.

Senior and Varsity football quarterback, Tyler Page also spoke with the Westwood and Bales family to remind them that, though they each have their own favorite team(s), they are indeed all part of one bigger team connected by character.

HS Cheerleaders greet students as they enter the gym for the Hometown Heroes Drug-Free celebration.

Hometown Heroes made Victory Tunnels for the students to exit through on their way to start their day.

“We thank our Heroes from FHS for reminding us about how good character choices leads to a bright future, drug-free!” said Bales Counselor, Barbara Gruener.

Hometown Heroes or FHS students line the gym early in the morning to encourage Westwood and Bales students to stay drug-free.

A PALs student hands out I’M DRUG-FREE stickers to future heroes.