Poetry Museum

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The Poetry Museum began over 10 years ago. FHS English teacher, Renae Simons, felt an extensive research paper on one poet did not meet the needs of students preparing for the AP test. So, she gathered a group of her seniors to brainstorm an alternative assignment that would not only involve the extensive research, but also create a stage to share their research with their peers and others. After several meetings, Poetry Museum was formed. In the next column is one of the first product based learning assignments designed by students at FHS.

The students through research and analysis, create a product on an American or British poet supporting their interpretation of his or her philosophy as it appears in his or her works with evidence gathered from biographical research and analysis of poems. The product should synthesize the students’ opinions with the information located during research. Students are encouraged to think outside the box–bringing in art, music, and history. Students may work individually or collaborate with a fellow student.

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