Choir UIL Solo and Ensemble results 2017

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On Saturday, Feb. 18, eighty (80) FHS Choir students participated in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest held at Angleton HS. Sixty-four (64) students earned Division One-Superior medals for their efforts. Sixteen students received a Division Two-Excellent rating. Thirty-eight (38) students qualified for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest, held in Austin in May.

Congratulations to the following:

Class One Solo, Division One-Superior rating, advances to Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest:
Sydney Antill, Nadia Asgari-Tari, Mitchell Bauer, Morgan Bryan, Anjanette Carlisle, Alessia Castillo, Claire Clauson, Jonah, Cloyd, Will Clyburn, Tara Davenport, Kyle Dickens, Michael Donovan, Ally Eckhart, Christy Fong, Mary Gerlach, Sam Gerlach, Anna Gibson, Gabi Gonzalez, Natalia Gonzalez, Sarah Goodman, Lauren Goolsby, Helena Haas, Kylee Hill, Angelynn Hranitzky, Sarah Hulgan, Jacquelin Kutz, Christian Mathews, Marina Meche, Sam Mills, Jonathan Moreno, Garrett Morris, Kara Permenter, Tyler Phelps, Lea Sharp, Allison Tang, Jeremy Trevino, Maddy Walker, Emma Wimberly.

Class Two Solo, Division One-Superior rating (24):
Ashley Adams, Maddie Bender, Pradhitha Boppana, Alex Cottrell, Craig Davenport, Taylor Greny, Brittany Harris, Kyle Holcomb, Brooke Humlicek, Ashlyn Killian, Landon LaBiche, Philip Lu, Anna McHenry, Emily Montalvo, Isabella Morrison, Alice Nguyen, Clay Price, Katie Rodriguez-Keklak, Joseph Steiger, Rhianna Spong, Jeremiah Stubblefield, Jacob Vegas, Trevor Wilson, Elizabeth Worrell.

Class Three Solo, Division One-Superior rating (2):
Oliva Beken, Kenzie Weddel

Class One Solo, Division Two-Excellent rating:
Angelina Fantasia, Amanda Fleming, Sofia Gamero, Adela Gonzalez, Jacob Goodin, Katie Johnson, Chris Mendez, Aidan O’Donnell, Angela Requardt, Travis Schlicht, Camille Shaffer.

Class Two Solo, Division Two-Excellent rating:
Marcela Barton, Julia Curry, Maren Hamilton, Karalissa Hranitzky

Class Three Solo, Division Two-Excellent rating:
Meredith Thompson

Again, congratulations to these outstanding singers.

Janwin Overstreet-Goode and Mike Tyer
Choir Directors