Atte​n​tion Seniors!

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Balfour will be on campus Wednesday, April 26 to deliver and sell caps & gowns and honor cords during all lunches in the Freshman mall.

You will need your school ID or driver’s license.

Caps & Gowns may be purchased for $70 each (including late fee) and Honor cords are $10 each.

Updated April 26, 2017

If you still have not picked up your cap and gown, or purchased honor cords, you may do so in Principal Griffon’s office.
Balfour sells only the following cords:
Honor Graduates (Top 10%) – Blue & White
National Distinguished Achievement Plan – Gold
National English Honor Society – Blue & Gold
Spanish National Honor Society – Red
French Honor Society – Red & Gold
Latin Honor Society – Purple & Gold
Mu Alpha Theta – Purple
Thespians – Light Blue
Interact Service Program – Yellow & Blue

All other honor cords are purchased through the organization sponsor.