6 named Teachers of the Year in Friendswood ISD

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Being named Teacher of the Year in FISD is no small feat. Teachers on each campus recently nominated their fellow peers and voted on an educator that would best represent their school.

The six include Theresa Lawrence at Friendswood High School, Kimberly Hall at Friendswood Junior High, Kerry Deatherage at Windsong Intermediate, Rosemary Machetes at Bales, Sarah Huckabee of Westwood, and Julianne McCarty of Cline Elementary.

During her 33 years in education, Lawrence taught math and science for twenty-four years the high school level and eight years working with elementary GT students. She has led many professional development workshops for other teachers covering numerous topics from technology in the classroom to Science safety to Advanced Placement Chemistry curriculum. Lawrence has been recognized as an outstanding educator by various organizations and colleagues but most importantly by her students over the years. “Humans are born with a natural wonder and curiosity of the world that we love in. My teaching goal is to encourage that scientist within all of my students and to improve their problem-solving skills so that will be successful adults in whatever challenges they may undertake,” she said.

(Back left in red) Kerry Deatherage from Windsong Intermediate, Julianne McCarty from Cline Elementary, Rosemary Machtemes from Bales Intermediate, Kimberly Hall at Friendswood Junior High
front (left to right) Sarah Huckabee from Westwood Elementary and Theresa Lawrence from Friendswood High School

Hall has been at FJH for three years and in education for fifteen. She is a Spanish teacher and has served as a campus mentor for new teachers, sponsor of National Junior Honor Society, founded the Spanish Club at FJH and is currently the Student Council sponsor. Hall devotes herself to helping teens navigate the turbulent time of junior high years while helping them find a positive place in school. “You don’t need permission to be extraordinary. Each of us can, and should strive to make a positive mark on the world.” Hall said.

With all of her 15 years of teaching experience at Windsong Intermediate, Deatherage has worked in Content Mastery, Resource, and Inclusion in grades four – sixth. Deatherage strives to be an advocate for all children. She believes all children are capable of success and rising to meet and exceed high expectations. Her goal is to inspire and motivate her students to become life-long learners. “Seeing a child’s face light up with anticipation is one of the best rewards of teaching,” Deatherage said. Eagerness and a drive for learning is what I want to spark in my students.”

With 23 years in FISD teaching 4th and 5th grade, Machtemes currently serves as the Reading Specialist at Bales Intermediate. She was voted Bales Teacher of the Year in 2008 and awarded the campus Making a Difference Award in 2012. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved to read,” said Machtemes. “I want my students to love to read, too. I want them to have the feelings I have when I pick up a book – anticipation, excitement, and sheer joy!”

Huckabee has always known she wanted to be a teacher. “I can still remember lining my dolls up in nice rows and holding class for countless hours of play, “she said. Huckabee has been teaching Kindergarten and 1st Grade for 18 years at Westwood and 32 years total in education. “Teaching is the only job I can think of that I can learn from funny, intelligent and yet brutally honest little ones,” Huckabee said.

McCarty has made a substantial impact in her three years at Cline Elementary. She teaches third grade, and her passion has always been education.
In the winter of 1986, Julianne’s signed letter to Santa Claus included one thing, a real overhead projector. When Christmas came, she saw a sparkling new overhead projector and a fresh set of Vis-à-vis markers. “I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” said McCarty.

Congratulations to the six!