FCCLA Success at Regionals

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The FHS FCCLA  students attended the Regional Competition in Galveston this past weekend.
Fifteen students placed and those students will be advancing to State in April. 


Culinary Arts (Pictured from left to right)
Raina Trotti
Ruben Rubalcava
Josh Nichols

Food Innovations (pictured from left to right)
Preetina Ramkissoon
Raigen Brabham
Ashley Adams

Focus on Children Junior
Journey Foster
Sara Mccoy

Food Innovations
Tammy Hoang
Sophie Hoang

Hospitality and Tourism
Donna Vo
Sooin Lim

Serving Up Success
Shelby Mckinney 

Teach and Train
Milana Ramkissoon

Focus on Children 
Autumn Trotti