AP Testing 2018 Information

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Attention Students and Parents:

The location for AP Testing has changed this year to the FISD Annex located at 402 Laurel Drive.

Total Registration will send students and parents an e-mail stating the testing arrival time and building/room number for your exam(s). The main room that we will be using is the Cheer Shack located off of Woodlawn Drive. We also will be using some of the classrooms in the Annex (also off of Woodlawn Avenue). Note that there will be signs posted outside directing you to these buildings.

***AP PARKING UPDATE as of April 12

Dear Students and Parents, 

Good news.... we have been able to secure parking accommodations for all students taking any AP exam!

AP testing location: FISD Annex & Cheer Shack located at 402 Laurel Drive.

Parking Information

Students may park in the following areas:

1) The parking lot off the corner of Woodlawn Dr. and W. Spreading Oaks will be reserved for AP testing. There will be a sign to identify this lot.

Overflow parking will be available on the following streets:

2) You may park in the grass (pull completely off of the road) on Colt Avenue behind the field. You may ONLY park on the side of the street going towards Laurel Dr. (see map).

3) You may park on W Spreading Oaks (ONLY on the side of the street closest to the Annex). DO NOT park on the other side of the street because those are private residences.

4) You may park in one of the spots in the grass lot located in the circle drive in front of the Cheer Shack.

5) If parking is full for all of the above options, you may park down the street at the Friendswood Friends Church (502 S Friendswood Dr.) in their back parking lot located on W Spreading Oaks. Please park in the back of lot in the spaces closest to the street.

DO NOT PARK in the parking lot on the corner of Woodlawn Dr and Colt Avenue or the big lot off of Laurel Drive. (See map)

Testing Entrances: Students need to enter the Cheer Shack/Annex from Woodlawn Drive (see map). There are two gates into the Annex complex, the one to the right of the Cheer Shack will be opened as an entrance to the Cheer Shack and the gate to the left of the Cheer Shack will be opened as an entrance to the classrooms in the Annex. There will be signs showing you where to enter for the Cheer Shack and the Annex.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: If your student is not driving and needs to be dropped off and/or picked it, students need to be dropped off/picked up in front of the Cheer Shack on Woodlawn Dr.


  • Circle denotes gated entrances
  • Star denotes the buildings used for testing (Annex and Cheer Shack)
  • Yellow arrows denote where to go for testing
  • Red arrows denote direction of parking
  • Black box denotes location of overflow lot at Friendswood Friends Church