Galveston County Fair Results

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Jr. Breeding Heifers

  • Natalie Pate Reserve Breed Champion Brahman
  • Emily Pate 1st
  • Kain Kennedy 2nd
  • Gracie Kempken 2nd
  • Kenzie Jeter 6th
  • Brianne Wharton 1st
  • Haley Bratton Breed Champion Simbrah
  • Cortni Cox Breed Champion Angus and Grand Champion British

Market Rabbits

  • Haven Franks 9th *Auction and 17th
  • Hannah Jensen

Market Broilers

  • Davis Tinger 20th *Auction
  • Cole Gordon 24th *Auction
  • Alyssa Bob
  • Kody Pederson 32nd

Market Lamb

  • Cortni Cox 9th

Market Swine

  • Braden Bergman 4th *Auction
  • Rylee Burris 1st *Auction
  • Cooper Cibulski 3rd  *Auction
  • Ashley Cox 6th *Auction
  • Cortni Cox 3rd *Auction
  • Mikayla Doiron 9th
  • Darby Easterday 7th
  • Elizabeth Farrell 12th
  • Cole Gordon 9th
  • Leila Grubbs 12th
  • Jakson Hurst
  • Hunter Kimmel 11th
  • Maci Mangham
  • Brock Nolin
  • Emily Pate 3rd *Auction
  • Kody Pederson 9th
  • Showmanship 4th
  • Justin Phelps 4th *Auction
  • Tabitha Reifel 7th *Auction
  • Ashlee Reuter 10th
  • Nick Roberts 2nd *Auction
  • Colin Vail

Market Goat

  • Sydney Turner 3rd *Auction
  • Avery Antill 8th
  • Jaclyn Torres 10th 
  • Jordan Dekenipp 13th
  • Maxim Annarino 5th
  • Sarah Briones 9th
  • Kody Wooten 11th
  • Tristan Spellmeyer 10th
  • Haley Davidson 9th

Market Steers

  • Cortni Cox Champion County America 
  • Kiki Hubbard 2nd
  • Emily Pate 5th

Commercial Heifers

  • Natalie Pate Grand Champion Pen of 3 *Auction
  • Cortni Cox Grand Champion *Auction
  • Emily Pate 5th *Auction

Livestock Judging Team 2nd 

  • Justin Phelps 3rd high individual 
  • Gracie Kempken 6th high individual 
  • Kody Pederson 
  • Cortni Cox

GCFR Scholarship Recipients

  • Haley Bratton
  • Darby Easterday 
  • Nick Roberts
  • Brianne Wharton 
  • Mackenzie Jeter

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