UIL District Results 2018

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UIL Spelling

The FHS UIL Spelling team dominated with one of the highest team scores of any district! Congratulations to Jaye Chen, Tonya Roysam, Ajay Palmer, & Masha Larina on a fantastic job!

UIL Ready Writing

Great showing by our Ready Writers!

These students spent two hours of their Saturday writing an expository essay and were rewarded with a 2nd place finish for Kenzie Mikeska, 4th place for Masha Larina, and 6th for Sebastein Bartlett.

UIL Poetry and Prose

Congratulations to these students on their District Academic/Speech/Oral Interpretation success!

All of the six-person team placed in finals:


  • Andrea Beasley (1st) Senior Defended her 2017 District Championship
  • Garrett McGregor (2nd)Senior placed third at 2017 District
  • Gracen McGregor (4th) Alternate to the Region in Poetry


  • Taylor Greny (1st) Sophomore
  • Isabella Morrison (2nd) Sophomore
  • Garrett Morris (5th) Alternate to the Region.

UIL Journalism

Congratulations to the UIL Journalism team who won 1st overall at the district meet this March!

  • Juliette Strope - (2nd place Headline advancing to regional, 6th place News)
  • Pradhitha Boppana - (1st place News advancing to regional)
  • Caleb Woodburn - (3rd place News advancing to regional)
  • Priya Juarez - (2nd place Feature advancing to regional)
  • Dani Fischer - (4th place Editorial, region alternate)


UIL Science

Congratulations to our 2nd place district team for Science! These boys have worked very hard preparing for a test that covers Biology, Chemistry, and Physics concepts, and their Physics test includes a book that must be read in addition to their regular prep material. We are very proud of these students and all they've accomplished!

  • Julian Falco - 1st individually (and moving on to Region)
  • Jaden Walker - 7th individually (and new to the team this year)
  • Kyle Flick
  • Fedor Aglyamov
  • Ben Kuo
  • Cristian Alvarez

UIL Literary Criticism

Congratulations to our 2nd place district team for Literary Criticism:

  • Jared Janak--3rd individually and moving on to region
  • Garrett Shelton--5th individually (and new to the team this year!)
  • Matt Ryan
  • Caitlin Chaumont

UIL Accounting

Congratulations to the following future accountants for a fantastic showing at District.

  • Hunter Hall 1st place
  • Garrett Adam 2nd place
  • Jeet Walia 3rd place
  • Tina Li 4th place

Note that the First place team finished with a total of 993 points and all four will advance to Regional.

UIL Computer Applications
Congratulations to the computer applications students for a fantastic effort this past Saturday.

  • Neelesh Gupta placed 1st-- will be going to Regionals.
  • Thomas Kidd placed 2nd -- will be going to Regionals.
  • Carson Collins competed in this event for the first time and placed 6th.

UIL Current Events

Congratulations to the Current EventsTeam for its 1st place finish at The District Meet.

  • Paul Birmingham - 1st Place overall
  • Ayden Smith - 3rd Place overall
  • Mason Dowling
  • Dylan Walding

UIL Speech

Congratulations to the Friendwood Forensic students who had an outstanding UIL District meet. Their efforts combined with the results of Mrs. Powdrell's Prose and Poetry students resulted in FHS winning the First Place Overall Speech team award with 151 points to the second place teams 58.

  • 1st place LD Debate--Elizabeth Chong (qualified for Regionals)
  • 2nd place Persuasive Extemp--James Mills (qualified for Regionals)
  • 4th place Persuasive Extemp--Jose Camacho
  • 5th place Persuasive Extemp--Kyle Flick
  • 2nd place Informative Extemp--Elizabeth Chong (qualified for Regionals)
  • 3rd place Informative Extemp--Ashley Brueggeman (qualified for Regionals
  • 4th place Informative Extemp--Husnain Ali (qualified for Regionals--1st place will not attend Regionals so he will move up)
  • *Also included in the total team points was James Mills & Kyle Flicks 3rd place in CX Debate. That contest happened in January.

UIL Social Studies

Congratulations to the UIL Social Studies Academic Team for placing 1st at the district meet this past weekend.

Team members include:

  • Paul Birmingham, who placed 2nd individually
  • Mason Dowless, who placed 7th individually
  • Jack Norton, who placed 6th individually
  • Dylan Walding, who placed 3rd individually

UIL Computer Science

The Computer Science team swept the District UIL Computer Science event on March 23rd at Clear Lake HS on the written test as well as the programming competition. Congratulations to the four members for earning 45 points for FHS!

Individual team awards for the written test:

  • 1st place: Noah Geno
  • 2nd place: Cameron Brunt
  • 3rd place: Ben Kuo
  • 4th place: Tanya Roysam