FHS Theatre Dept. Comedy Cabaret presents Mustang Follies

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Witty, mind-blowing, and all-in, Comedy Cabaret has a style that's always in-your-face and never stale. Come to the FHS Studio Theatre this Thursday and Saturday and prepare to be in stitches by their engaging, rocket-blasted scene work.

Members of the cast are Jake Henkels, Maddy Walker, Cole Kirkpatrick, Hayden West, Rory Sims, Tori Robles, Eric Jensen, Taylor Greny, Thomas Massey, Gracen McGregor, Kennedy Freyer, Ashton Whittington, Nelson Thornton, and Fedor Aglyamov as "The Moderator." 

Shows are October 4th and 6th at 7pm and 9pm.  Tickets are $10 at-the-door.