FCCLA Success at Regionals

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FCCLA students competed Thursday and Friday in Galveston at the Regional Competition.
The 17 students listed below will advance to the State Competition in April. 

Culinary Arts - 2nd Place
Raina Trotti
Ruben Rubalcava
Josh Nichols

Environmental Ambassador - 3rd Place
Sooin Lim
Donna Vo

Focus on Children - 2nd Place
Katie Jones
Elise  Whittenburg

Food Innovations Jr.  - 5th Place
Rachael Guminey

Food Innovations Occupational  - 3rd Place
Ashley Adams, Preetina Ramkissoon, Raigen Brabham

Life Event Planning - 5th Place
Soledad Martinez
Rachel Tindal

Nutrition and Wellness - 2nd Place
Gabi Amaya

Serving Up Success - 2nd Place
Ethan Powell

Teach and Train - 5th Place
Autumn Trotti

Toys that Teach - 2nd Place
Sabina Chytilova