FHS Musical Scholarship Awards 2019

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On Saturday, February 9, 2019 FHS Musical Awarded its annual scholarships to the following seniors.

We are pleased to announce and celebrate the outstanding level and performances of these FHS Students:


Senior students submit letter to the FHS Musical Scholarship Committe of Pit Band, Theatre, Technical Theatre, Music and Dance. Scholarships are voted upon by each area. Each area casts one vote based upon the student's letter, qualifications and overall performance in the current musical.

This system was established by our founder:  Dr. Myrlene Kennedy.

Dr. Myrlene Kennedy Founder's Scholarship - William Clyburn
The Bette Hopper Scholarship - Madyson Walker
(2) The Gayla Harris Scholarship - Rory Sims and Victoria Robles
Best Supporting Actress - Presley Wilson
Best Supporting Actor - Jake Henkels
(2) The Kirkwood Family Scholarship - Fedor Aglyamov and Sydney Oller
The Straughn Scholarship - Jonah Cloyd
The McLean Scholarship -  Gracie Ruiz
(2) Director's Choice - Aidan O'Donnell and Alex Mata
The Trombatore Family Scholarship - Jordyn Westcott
The Jeff Howison Technical Lighting Scholarship - Trey Hahn
The Mills Family Mustang Scholarship - Garrett Turner
The Piano Lady Pit Band Scholarship - Jaxon Rives

General Scholarship Descriptions:

The Dr. Myrlene Kennedy Founder’s Scholarship was established in 2018 for the 50th Anniversary of the FHS Musical. This scholarship fund is established to honor the founder of the FHS Musical, Dr. Myrlene Kennedy, who began the tradition in 1968. This scholarship is established in her memory. This scholarship is given to a student who has been in at least two musicals and had demonstrated dedication through excellent performance in this year's production.
The Bette Hopper Scholarship Fund was established prior to the 1979 production of GUYS AND DOLLS to be awarded to a Friendswood High School student who has participated in at least three FHS musicals.

The Gailya Harris Scholarship was first established in 1992 to be presented to a Friendswood High School student who has participated in four FHS musicals. Beginning in 2011 the Harris Family decided to give the scholarship to two FHS students a year.

The Best Supporting Actor and Actress Scholarship goes to the graduating seniors selected by the directors for having demonstrated an outstanding performance in a supporting role in the current musical production. It was established in 1992.

The McLean Scholarship was established in 1999 to be presented to a Friendswood High School student who has participated in two or more FHS musicals as a crew member.

The Straughn Scholarship was established in 2000 to be presented to a Friendswood High School student who has participated in the chorus of three or more FHS musicals.

The Piano Lady Pit Band Scholarship was established in 2000, by Jim and Laurie Purcell to be presented to a Friendswood High School student who has participated in the pit band for two or more FHS musicals.

The Director’s Choice Scholarship was established in 2002 to honor a student that had participated in the FHS Musical for three or more years as a member of the cast, crew and/or pit band. This student must be a graduating senior, must be nominated by one of the directors, and possesses the qualities of dedication, hard working, dependability, and loyalty. This scholarship will be given on an as needed basis as determined by the directors.

The Kirkwood Family Scholarship has been established to be presented to two Friendswood High School students who have participated in two or more FHS musicals in the cast, crew and/or pit band. The scholarship was first presented in 2003.

The Trombatore Family Scholarship was established in 2003 to honor a Friendswood High School student who has demonstrated outstanding technical work as a crew member for two or more FHS musicals.

The Jeff Howison Technical Lighting Scholarship was established for the 2012 musical to honor a student or students selected by the directors as having demonstrated outstanding work in the area of lighting for two or more years.

The Mills Family Mustang Scholarship established in 2019 to honor a student who has done 2 or more musicals and is highly envolved in other FHS extracurricular activities. A true Mustang.