Culinary Arts at FHS

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Culinary Arts 1Culinary Arts is a CTE class at FHS where students get hands on experience in the kitchen. Students start by taking the prerequisite class, Introduction to Culinary Arts. In this 1-credit course, students will learn about careers in the industry, working in a restaurant, kitchen equipment and will receive hands on experience while learning basic cooking skills. These students can then advance to Culinary Arts I.

In Culinary Arts I (2-credit class) students are in the kitchen more frequently and are now beginning to apply their culinary knowledge. Students work through different units of food preparation. Each unit has hands on cooking labs that students will complete in the FHS Culinary Arts Commercial Kitchen. Some of the units that the students work through are knife skills, mother sauces, grains, yeast breads, poultry, beef, and many more.

The next level in the pathway is Practicum in Culinary I. In this class students are still practicing cooking techniques but at a higher skill level. These students also have the option during the second semester to do an unpaid internship during their class time. The internship is three days a week at a local restaurant. All Culinary Arts & Practicum in Culinary Arts students get restaurant experience with the large variety of teacher lunches and caterings they do for the district throughout the year. These students host “Cafe Blue” at least once a month. Cafe Blue is our culinary restaurant on campus. For Cafe Blue, a menu is set and then sent to the FHS staff.  The staff can then place an order if they would like. The students prep the days prior to a Cafe Blue and then on the day of they prepare and box the hot lunches. The FHS staff will then come and pick up their lunch from the culinary classroom. Cafe Blue typically serves around 80 staff members. This is great restaurant experience for the culinary students. These advanced culinary students also cater different events for FISD.  They do many on campus events, banquets, meetings, etc. They have also done several off campus caterings for the FISD’s Administration. These caterings have been a great learning experience for the students.

This class is great for students who are interested in learning to cook and/or wanting to work in the food industry. The students are learning skills that they are most certainly going to use for the rest of their lives.

Melissa Novak is the Culinary Arts Teacher at FHS.