Swim & Dive District 24 5A Meet

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Swim DistrictThe Mustang District Swim and Dive meet took place Friday and Saturday against high schools from Katy Paetow, Waltrip, Milby, Stafford, Barber’s Hill and Northside. The Friendswood girls won District with a score of 262 points, with Katy Paetow placing second with 102.5 points. Friendswood boys also won the district meet with a score of 207 points with Katy Paetow boys placing second with 135 points. District athletes of the meet were Mustangs Olivia Theall and Max Hardt.

Swimmers who finished in the top six at District will continue onto the Region Meet in Magnolia next weekend. Listed below are Top six Mustang finishes in event order.

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
• 1st place – Team of Lezli Sisung, Peyton Becker, Olivia Theall and Abigail Nelson

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
• 1st place- Team of Trey Gurry, Max Hardt, Todd Sisung, Nathan Haney

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
• 1st place- Leah Givens
• 2nd Place- Alex Linden
• 3rd place- Taite McCray
• 4th place Bridget Barcelo

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
• 1st Place- Daniel Morgan
• 2nd Place- Ethan Long
• 4th Place- Luke LeCompte
• 5th Place- Parker Lynch

Girls 200 Yard Individually Medley
• 1st place- Olivia Theall *Pool Record
• 2nd Place- Peyton Becker
• 3rd Place- Riley Holcomb
• 4th Place- Hanna Stuart

Boys 200 Yard Individual Medley
• 1st Place- Max Hardt
• 3rd Place- Fletcher Wells
• 5th Place- Joshua Sakahara
• 6th Place- Nathan Jennings

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
• 1st Place- Bella Allen
• 3rd Place- Hallie Ratcliff
• 4th Place- Emily Camacho
• 5th Place- Mady Blok

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
• 4th Place- Nathan Haney

Girls 1 mtr Diving
• 1st Place- Caitlin Williams

Boys 1 mtr Diving
• 1st Place – Gabe Costa

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
• 1st Place- Olivia Theall *Pool Record
• 2nd Place- Lezli Sisung
• 3rd Place- Abigail Nelson
• 5th – Mara White

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
• 2nd Place- Todd Sisung
• 4th Place- Ryan Flick

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
• 2nd Place- Bella Allen
• 3rd Place – Emily Camacho
• 4th Place- Mady Blok
• 6th Place- Bridget Barcelo

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
• 3rd Place- Nathan Haney
• 5th Place- Trey Gurry

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
• 1st Place- Alex Linden
• 4th Place- Taite McCray
• 5th Place – Hanna Stuart
• 6th Place- Nicki Hansen

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
• 1st Place- Ethan Long
• 3rd Place- Nathan Jennings

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
• 1st Place- Team of Peyton Becker, Bella Allen, Abigail Nelson, Leah Givens

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
• 1st Place- Team of Slade Ray, Trey Gurry, Max Hardt, Nathan Haney

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
• 1st Place- Lezli Sisung
• 2nd place- Hallie Ratcliff
• 3rd Place- Mara White
• 4th Place -Dani Shavlan

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
• 1st Place- Todd Sisung
• 3rd Place- Trey Gurry
• 4th Place- Joshua Sakahara
• 6th Place- Luke LeCompte

Girl’s 100 Yard Breaststroke
• 1st Place- Peyton Becker
• 2nd Place- Leah Givens
• 3rd Place- Riley Holcomb
• 5th Place Genevieve Ringo

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
• 1st Place- Max Hardt
• 2nd Place – Sirius Sharma
• 3rd Place- Chayton Budzik
• 4th Place- Fletcher Wells

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
• 1st Place – Team of Olivia Theall* (pool record – lead of leg ), Abigail Nelson, Leah Givens, Lezli Sisung

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
• 1st Place – Team of Ethan Long, Todd Sisung, Slade Ray, Daniel Morgan

Coach Sikkema was awarded TISCA District 24 Coach of the Year for both the girls’ and boys’ teams. The diving team is coached by Coach Whitsett.

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Girls Team – District Champions
Boys Team – District Champions
Female swimmer of the meet – Olivia Theall
Male swimmer of the meet – Max Hardt
Boy/Girl Dive coach of the year – Monika Whitsett
Boy/Girl Swim coach of the year – Craig Sikkema

Congratulations to the following FHS Region VI qualifiers. They will be making the trip to Magnolia H.S. Friday 1/31 @ 6:30am to swim/dive in the Regional meet.

Bella Allen
Bridget Barcello
Peyton Becker
Mady Blok
Emily Camacho
Leah Givens
Nicole Hansen
Riley Holcomb
Alex Linden
Taite McCray
Abigail Nelson
Hallie Ratcliff
Genevieve Ringo
Dani Shavlan
Lezli Sisung
Hannah Stuart
Olivia Theall
Mara White
Caitlin Williams
Chayton Budzik
Gabe Costa
Ryan Flick
Trey Gurry
Nathan Haney
Max Hardt
Nathan Jennings
Luke LeCompte
Ethan Long
Parker Lynch
Daniel Morgan
Slade Ray
Josh Sakahara
Sirius Sharma
Todd Sisung
Fletcher Wells