3/20/20: Instructional Updates from Principal Griffon

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Dear MUSTANG Families,
    "We gave educators almost no notice. We asked them to completely redesign what school looks like and in about 24hrs local Administrators and Teachers "Apollo 13ed" the problem and fixed it. Kids learning, children being fed, needs being met in the midst of a global crisis.
    Remember that the next time someone tries to convince you that schools are better run by mandates from non-educators.
    Get out of the way of a Teacher and watch with amazement at what really happens!"
*Ken Buck- School Board Member

For the weeks of March 23rd through May 4th, our teachers will be loading their weekly lessons and activities for the subjects they teach to their Canvas pages by 9am on Monday mornings. The teachers will also be posting an opportunity for a scheduled “student connection” during the week. They will share the time, the mode of connection, and the purpose in their Canvas posting. These connection opportunities will be used for Q&A, discussion, content presentations, tutorials, etc – basically, this will be an opportunity for students to have immediate connection/response from their teacher. These times will be spread throughout the week to enable students to attend all sessions. We encourage families to take advantage of the common posting time on Monday mornings to sit together and set the plan for the week.

Friendswood ISD Special Education Department is in the developmental phase of providing individualized instruction to students served with IEPs through alternative methods such as virtual classrooms, recorded content and hands on materials for home. We are sharing these resources (link HERE) with families to allow students to continue engaging in the learning process at home until individualized supports and platforms are launched.

Teachers will begin to provide opportunities for student submission of work and assign a range of 1-2 grades per week. Grades will be recorded in Skyward. For this time period, all grades will be equally weighted, regardless of the type of activity in the Daily Work category. As we start taking grades understand no zeroes will be posted and we will use incompletes as we work through our online instruction.

Connection Time Guideline For FHS:
Math – Tues 9-10am or Wed 11am-12pm
Social Studies – Thurs 9-10am or Mon 11am-12pm
English – Tues 10-11am or Wed 1-2pm
Science – Thursday 10-11am or Mon 1-2pm
CTE – Tues 11am-12pm or Wed 9-10am
Fine Arts – Thursday 11am-12pm or Mon 11am-12pm
World Language – Tues 1-2pm or Wed 10-11am
Health/PE – Thurs 1-2pm or Mon 1-2pm

There are multiple times offered to accommodate those with multiple preps. All teachers will need to communicate in their Monday Canvas postings which content will be “meeting” at which time. The mode and purpose of the meeting will also need to be communicated.

Each Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for our remaining time out of school, I will send a “distance learning” update through email. Please feel free to reach out if I can answer any questions.

Mark GriffonThank you for your patience, partnership, and understanding as we maneuver this new territory of “distance learning.” We will work together to instructionally support our students and keep them connected to their classmates and teachers.

Mark Griffon – FHS class of 78!
Friendswood High School
[email protected]