4/12/2020: Parent Letter from Principal Mark Griffon

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“Dear Mustang Parents, 
I hope you had a Happy Easter filled with Good Health and Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we dig deeper into emergency remote learning due to the coronavirus crisis. As we navigate this unusual situation together, our main focus is for students to feel supported and to progress in their learning.

We understand that grades are a concern for students and parents during this time, and we are therefore committed to a process where the 4th nine-week grade will have no adverse impact on a student’s overall GPA/end of the course average.

The 2020 spring semester average will be determined by the 3rd nine-week grade and the higher of the 3rd or 4th nine-week grade. There will be no final exams this semester.

Calculation Examples:


“By remaining consistent with the use of numerical grades, students benefit in several ways: 
1) Numerical grades provide the opportunity for students to raise their overall spring semester/GPA average by being engaged in remote learning.
2) Numerical grades for each semester allow students in year-long courses to earn full credit by averaging the two semesters to produce a 70 or higher. 
3) Numerical grades allow students to retain the earned grade for the 3rd nine-weeks as a portion of their overall GPA/end of course average.

The students’ commitment in this process will be for them to understand that their participation in remote learning is necessary for end of the year credit/course completion.  Student participation and the grading guidelines will assure mastery of essential knowledge and skills which are needed to be academically successful in their future coursework.  Every effort is being made and will continue to be made to engage students in remote learning.

If a student fails to participate in the learning and fails to complete/submit assignments, an incomplete will be assigned for the 4th nine-weeks grading period with the expectation for the assignments to be completed so that credit can be awarded. If there is a reason participation is not possible, please communicate that need now with your teachers so we can help to support the needs and work together to develop a plan. 

We must think outside our traditional thoughts on grading during the crisis.

Remember, we are on a journey that is unprecedented. The difficulty of this journey on staff, parents and students cannot be measured.

We feel this grading system gives us a chance to celebrate our Mustang Culture of Excellence. This crisis has challenged us all, and we know our students will continue to rise to the challenge as they have always done and give their best effort during this trying time.”

Please note other Grading/Progress Monitoring guidelines
established to best support your student.


For another layer of communication, progress reports based on student work submissions will be posted in Skyward on April 15. You will be notified by email when this report has been loaded to your student’s portfolio; however, we encourage you to continue monitoring progress in Skyward as teachers are continuing to post grades on submitted work.To support communication, remember to check and make sure your email notification in Skyward is turned on.

On April 20, all incomplete/missing grades will be entered as a zero. This will ensure that the grade shown in Skyward accurately reflects the student’s performance at any given time. The zero will act only as a placeholder and will be changed once that student turns in the assignment.

Friendswood ISD is very sensitive to the current immediate needs of our community and values all the efforts being put into educating students at this time. The combination of calibrating grading guidelines and student’s remote learning participation will result in meaningful success for students during these difficult times.  For any questions concerning the grading guidelines, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s) or email me. I’m grateful to be in partnership with you! Stay safe, stay strong and stay positive!

Mark Griffon

Mark Griffon – FHS class of 78!
Principal – Friendswood High School
[email protected]
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