Tommy Tune Awards 2020

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“Each year we at FHS Musical look forward to participating in the Tommy Tune Awards Program.  We support their mission to: celebrate the educational value, artistry, technical advancements and participate in the community of High School Musical Theatre in the Greater Houston Area.  It is an honor for us here at FHS. Especially in a time like this:  The Tommy Tune Awards believe that in Theatre Education – No matter the role of a student in the creative process, the experiences in the ARTS cultivate:  Confidence, Spark Creative Thinking and inspire life- long learning.
We at FHS Musical in our long history of over 50 years share these beliefs as an opportunity for students, educators and community to share CREATIVE accomplishments and collaborate in the Greater Houston Community and at home in Friendswood.  The FHS Musical Mission – aligns with the principals of The Tommy Tune Awards Program.
The FHS cast, crew and pit band  of Matilda, the Musical  have been busy getting ready for the Tommy Tune Award Show on April 28th.  At the request of the Tommy Tune Awards the company of Matilda were asked to submit but not limited to: brief video shout outs of gratitude to fellow cast mates, directors and anyone who supported them and their musical, Matilda. (short 30 second uploads)  Students were also challenged to produce a musical in 30 seconds.   FHS had many submissions including Taylor Greny, (Matilda) Eric Jensen, (Trunchbull) Brittany Harris (Mrs. Phelps and Jordyn Harris (ensemble) (Kennedy Frye (student ensemble) and a short 30 second remake of Dechlan Stopher who played Bruce that included his entire family as guest actors.

The videos have been uploaded to the Tommy Tune Awards coordinator. We will be on the look out for them on Awards Night April 28.  (I would love to share them now but TUTS has the first option to view.)

FHS had several students apply for scholarships including, Taylor Greny (Matilda) and Thomas Massey (Mr. Wormwood).  Students who apply for a Tommy Tune Scholarship must be pursuing a major in Music, Musical Theatre, Theatre in college.

The FHS Musical Company will plan a watch party that will be appropriate under these  conditions.
Two weeks ago, Melissa Smith, Co Music Director of Matilda and Kathy Powdrell, Director/Producer did a social distancing filming of FHS Musical Nominees for Best Actress and Best Actor. Student actors:  Taylor Greny, who is nominated for her portrayal  of Matilda Wormwood in Matilda, The Musical,  Eric Jensen who is nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Agatha Trunchbull and Thomas Massey, for his portrayal of Mr. Wormwood.  Each actor performed a song from the show.  We then uploaded them to TUTS for Virtual use.”

Kathy Powdrell is the Head Theatre Director at FHS and the Director/Producer of the FHS Musicals.